The Power of KnKut Drill Bits


The Power of KnKut Drill Bits, available in Complete Sets for every application!

Our USA Made drill bits are engineered with an exclusive combination of premium steel, superior geometry, and a nitride treatment. KnKut Drill Bits are manufactured from a high-grade Molbydenum High-Speed Steel (HSS), that has a high Vanadium content. Because of these product features, our drill bit reduces drilling cycles and maximizes the number of holes per drill.

Put the POWER back into your power tools with KnKut Drill Bits!

  • No center punch or pilot hole required
  • Rounder, more accurate holes
  • 50% more holes
  • Lowest cost per hole
  • Faster penetration
  • Drills tough alloys
  • Reduces user fatigue
  • Added strength against breakage

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How to Use an Oil Filter Cutter — and Why You Need One!



Oil analysis.

If you’re an advanced DIYer, you’ve probably heard that term before. The proper nomenclature is actually “spectrographic oil analysis,” and it has been used for decades by oil companies, fleet operators, race engine builders, and others to measure the condition of engine oil.

During this analysis, the user sends a sample of oil to a spectrographic analysis laboratory, such asBlackstone Labs, where a portion of the oil sample is run through a spectrometer. That device analyzes the oil and gives the levels of the various metals and additives which are present in the oil. Those levels are a measure of how much your engine is wearing.

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Motorhead Math: 13 Essential Calculators to Make Gearhead Math Simpler


Math was never exactly our strong suit in school.

That’s unfortunate because, as you know by now, there can be a substantial amount of math involved in hot rodding, racing, and general automotive mechanics. Luckily for folks like us, there are a number of automotive calculators around to help make this motorhead math simpler. Here, we’re going to share 13 essential calculators you should know about to make some of your future projects simpler and quicker.

We only included 13 because that’s as high as we can count. We’re just that bad at math around here (well, maybe not that bad). There are other automotive calculators available, but these are the ones we felt would have the most appeal. You may want to save or bookmark this page for quick access. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out our 13 Key Automotive Formulas Every Gearhead Should Know post, too.

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Lowbuck Tools



by Pat Ganahl

Dave didn’t ask me to, but since I was helping him put this catalog together, I figured I could slip something here in the front to kind of explain what this “low buck” stuff is all about. (Of course you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to.)

When I first met Dave and saw his shop, I had my doubts. He was working out of an old lop sided red barn. Under the pepper trees outside were all kinds of parts and pieces – the skeleton of a real used-up ‘57 Chevy short tracker, an old Willys drag coupe, a couple of relic frames, bits of Peterbilts and lord knows what else.

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Best Buy Automotive Equipment

Our Goal Has Always Been to Sell Quality Products at Competitive Prices

Best Buy Automotive Equipment has been in business since 1987 years with over 80 years of combined staff experience.

Best Buy Automotive Equipment is one of the largest automotive repair equipment dealers in the U.S. We stock thousands of items at our warehouses It is the volume of business we do that allows us to bring you both the best prices and quality products.

Best Buy Automotive Equipment’s #1 concern is taking care of you the customer. We are fully staffed with a technical support team to assist you with any questions or service related issues you have and if we don’t know the answer we’ll find it for you. Our warehouses have Show rooms for you to check out our equipment as well as fully stocked parts rooms for service after the sell.

Many other distributors will sell you equipment but when you call them for help they slam the door on your face. At Best Buy Automotive Equipment we will get you the best price as well as customer service.

We carry a full range of Automotive lifts, car storage lifts, 2 post lifts, 4 post lifts, motorcycle lifts, Motorcycle tire changer, Tire changers, Wheel Balancers, Motorcycle wheel balancers, Brake Lathes, Trans Jacks, Shop Presses and much much more. We have over 25,000 items in stock.