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Rockwell Super 8 Hub 16 Spline


Finally An 8 Bolt Rockwell Hub Conversion. This Is As Complete As It Gets. You Get The Hub, Drive Flange With The Option Of Lockouts, New Bearings, New Studs, New Seal, Spacer And All The Hardware You Need Except For Lug Nuts. This Hub Is Rated For My 2 Inch Axle Shaft, So Strength Is Not An Issue. The Price Is Per Corner. Brakes Are Not Included. I Do Not Use The Wilwood Setup Anymore Because It Was Insufficient. I Now Make A Billet Steel 6 Piston Caliper That Takes A Corvette Pad And A 13.062 Diameter Rotor. The Brakes Sell For 650 Per Corner For The Caliper, Pads, Rotor And Bracket. These Are The Best Brakes Available For This Application.

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Motorhead Math: 13 Essential Calculators to Make Gearhead Math Simpler


Math was never exactly our strong suit in school.

That’s unfortunate because, as you know by now, there can be a substantial amount of math involved in hot rodding, racing, and general automotive mechanics. Luckily for folks like us, there are a number of automotive calculators around to help make this motorhead math simpler. Here, we’re going to share 13 essential calculators you should know about to make some of your future projects simpler and quicker.

We only included 13 because that’s as high as we can count. We’re just that bad at math around here (well, maybe not that bad). There are other automotive calculators available, but these are the ones we felt would have the most appeal. You may want to save or bookmark this page for quick access. And while you’re at it, you might want to check out our 13 Key Automotive Formulas Every Gearhead Should Know post, too.

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2.5 Ton Rockwell Axle Rebuild Manual


That is right.   300+ Pages of Detailed information that includes:

  • All the Torque Specs To Keep Your Axle Together
  • Backlash Specs
  • Detailed exploded Diagrams of Every Aspect of the 2.5 ton Rockwell Axles
  • Rebuilding U-Joints and Bendex Style Joints
  • Detailed Parts Numbers for Easy and Cheap Part ordering
  • Complete Maintenance Process
  • Bearing Wear Limits (know when you need to rebuild)
  • How to Set up The Gears

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