Billet Heated Nitrous Bottle Bracket



Show Quality Finish If you are looking for a show quality nitrous install a billet bottle bracket will give your system the perfect finishing touch.

Concise Bottle Pressure. The billet bottle brackets hold the bottle securely to the heating element to insure proper heat transfer. Bottle pressure is key in a well performing nitrous system, and helps keep a consistent flow of nitrous pass after pass.

Quick Release. You can quickly disconnect your bottle from this bracket heater combo with the quick release clamps to make refilling and changing bottles fast and easy.

Application This heated billet bottle bracket will hold most 10lb or 15lb nitrous bottle and can be installed in any make. model, or year vehicle with any brand nitrous system. This bracket holds the nitrous bottle at a 15° angle, allowing the siphon tube to use the most nitrous possible.

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Speedwire Systems


At Speedwire Systems, our goal and vision is to refine and simplify vehicle chassis electrical control and installations, helping our customers to build consistent and reliable race-winning vehicles.

Our products allow racers to spend their time on their race program rather than debugging electrical issues.

We don’t just build electrical control systems, we race them with proven records. Whether you are building a new vehicle or want to upgrade your existing electrical system, Speedwire Systems has the solution for all your wiring needs.

Check out our products, find a local authorized dealer, or contact us if you have any questions.

Over 600 hp From a Plate Nitrous System? You Better Believe It! Here’s How It’s Done

It wasn’t too long ago that serious nitrous-oxide racers all used direct-port Fogger-style setups that inject nitrous oxide and fuel directly into each manifold runner. Plate systems–which spray nitrous and fuel out of a bar that mounts in a plate sandwiched between the carburetor and intake manifold–were relegated to 100-250hp street-racer applications. But racers started running so hard with direct-port systems that many sanctioning bodies outlawed them, figuring that plate systems had limited potential and would slow everybody down and restore class equilibrium.

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Ask Away: Optimizing Your Nitrous System with Proper Bottle Pressure

I recently installed a NOS Cheater nitrous system on my car and we took it to a chassis dyno to test the system. The jets were rated at 150 hp but when we tested it, it only delivered barely 100 hp. The guy who runs the dyno said my fuel pressure was okay but the bottle pressure was low. He said I had to heat the bottle. Doesn’t that make the nitrous hot and not a liquid? I don’t understand how this works.



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