Pro-Mag Magnetos



  • The Pro-Mag is the only maintenance-free magneto available.
  • The Generator never needs to be recharged.
  • The Magnetic Pickup never needs adjustment.
  • Batteries never need to be replaced like traditional magnetos.
  • The Pro-Mag allows you the option of running timing controls.
  • You can also utilize a crank trigger for the utmost in timing accuracy.

Take a walk through the pits at any professional race and note the dominance of MSD Pro-Mag components. This is proof positive of MSD’s superior performance. MSD is truly the epitome of performance ignition!

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Harmonics 101: Understanding Harmonic Dampers


Whatever you call it, that big chunk of metal hanging off the crankshaft snout of your engine is essential to your powerplant’s wellbeing and performance. Its job is to absorb harmonics, so from here-on-out we’ll refer to it as a harmonic damper (its only true proper name, we believe).

Why You Need a Harmonic Damper

The crankshaft buried deep inside the engine in your car isn’t a solid, immovable hunk of steel or iron. The crank twists and bends relative to the loads placed upon it by the respective pistons and rods on each throw. General Motor’s research has shown there is considerable crankshaft deflection in a race-prepped engine spinning at 8,000 rpm.

There is also resonance to consider. This occurs when the torque an engine makes on each combustion cycle “syncs” with the crankshaft’s natural vibration frequency. Without a proper harmonic damper to dissipate the torsional vibration caused by resonance and deflection, certain crank failure and other damage will occur, including:

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Programmable Digital-7 Plus


  • Map a complete timing curve for every gear.
  • Stage retards can be set to ramp the timing.
  • Updated X-Y plots with interpolation for smooth changes.
  • View all ignition events in a new Launch History window including the retard sum, manifold pressure, rpm, shift points and more.
  • Acquire 20 seconds of run data including two seconds prior to launch.
  • Select the rpm limiter value in rpm/seconds.
  • Program an rpm limit that is ramped in during the launch.
  • Vacuum advance and boost retard is selectable through a MAP sensor.
  • There is a cam sync output for fuel controllers or data acquisition.
  • Program your engine’s firing order for ease of setting the cylinder-to-cylinder timing.
  • Automatic magnetic pickup compensation for crank triggers or distributor pick- ups.
  • Output to activate a device through rpm, time or pressure inputs.
  • An upgraded micro- controller runs at 40MHz enabling timing accuracy within 0.1 degrees and +/-1 rpm at up to 10,000 rpm!

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