Precision Performance Products



Absolutely the best automatic transmission shifters available for racing or street use. KWIK SHIFT shifters are the lightest, most compact, narrowest, most versatile and durable shifters available on the market at the race track or on the street.

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Lithium High Performance replacement Batteries


If your reading this; you already know that the primitive lead acid battery is going the way of the horse and buggy. Energy storage  in a lithium battery has advanced to the point of being very safe; (safer than carrying around flammable gasoline !) very lightweight ; 1/3rd the weight of a lead battery, longer life span, higher resting voltage, higher cranking voltage / amps; cleaner, no gassing, and  environmentally much greener than lead acid.


Aerocatch Plus Flush Hood Latches



These are absolutely the best looking & well built hood pins / latches we’ve ever seen.

Normal hood pins have been around for a while and work decently. Many owners hate them because they take away from the flush finish of their aftermarket carbon fiber hood. No longer is that an issue with these new hood pins!

Hood pins add an additional layer of safety for those who drive their cars at high speeds or want daily driving to be completely secure.

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