FireAde – Don’t Fight Fires, Extinguish them!




In the Motorsports that we cover fires have become a huge issue, Especially Fuel Fires which are some of the most difficult to put out. We have seen an entire vehicle burn to the ground on more than one occasion because of a fuel fire that could not be put out by conventional dry powder chemical fire extinguishers. We the folks at Fireade approached me with a product to solve this. While I was a bit skeptical they invited me down to their test facility in Georgia for some demonstrations. After seeing the videos you will believe in FireAde as much as we do. You can purchase your own cans at… or come see us at a race. We will also be adding their line of enforcer fire extinguishers and in car fire systems as well so watch for those and a install video at a later date. These FireAde cans are approved but Southern Rock Racing Series and Pro UTV racing. We are working to get many more series on board in the near future so stay tuned and stay safe out there on the trail and the race track.

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