The Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Automotive Paint

Aside from owning a car, one of the coolest things you could brag about is painting your own vehicle. However, when you are already faced with the many choices of automotive paint at the shop, you might just be wondering what you got yourself into. As the attendant rolls off such terminologies as single-stage, two-parts, enamel or urethane from his tongue, you’d probably think he is speaking another language and that you’d best run for the door fast.

If you are really serious about painting your own car, you need to be aware and accept that it might be a long process. You need to do some research so you will know the ins and outs of the kinds of automotive paints you will need as well as the tools you need to use in applying them. So, below you will find some pointers that will help start you off in painting your own car. They might be just about paint, but they are the first things you need to know before you start doing any paint job.


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