Programmable Digital-7 Plus


  • Map a complete timing curve for every gear.
  • Stage retards can be set to ramp the timing.
  • Updated X-Y plots with interpolation for smooth changes.
  • View all ignition events in a new Launch History window including the retard sum, manifold pressure, rpm, shift points and more.
  • Acquire 20 seconds of run data including two seconds prior to launch.
  • Select the rpm limiter value in rpm/seconds.
  • Program an rpm limit that is ramped in during the launch.
  • Vacuum advance and boost retard is selectable through a MAP sensor.
  • There is a cam sync output for fuel controllers or data acquisition.
  • Program your engine’s firing order for ease of setting the cylinder-to-cylinder timing.
  • Automatic magnetic pickup compensation for crank triggers or distributor pick- ups.
  • Output to activate a device through rpm, time or pressure inputs.
  • An upgraded micro- controller runs at 40MHz enabling timing accuracy within 0.1 degrees and +/-1 rpm at up to 10,000 rpm!

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MSD’s Best Ignition Yet?

“It’s not how much power you make, it’s how much you put to the ground that counts.” That cliche has been uttered so many times most of us have stopped listening, content instead to just stab the throttle and cackle like madmen as our tires light up in boiling clouds of rubber smoke. But in any form of organized racing, whether it’s straight line, roundy-round, or corner-carving, maintaining optimum traction is a key factor in winning. As sophisticated racers take advantage of the wealth of high-performance parts on the market and the knowledge of how to use them to build ever more powerful and reliable horsepower, sanctioning bodies have tried to slow them down by limiting their ability to put that power to the ground.

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