EGT Vs A/F Tuning

There seems to be a lot of mystery and misinformation about using exhaust gas temperatures to tune engines.

Claims by many EGT gauge manufacturers about it being the best way to tune an engine must be qualified. The BEST way to tune an engine is on an engine dyno- PERIOD.

What EGT is good for is a reference for where the engine made maximum torque at wide open throttle. Once removed from the dyno, a similar air/fuel ratio can be established at a later date by dialing in the mixture to achieve the target EGT. It is really the AFR that is important, not the EGT. Most engines will make maximum power at an AFR of between 12.0 and 13.5 to 1 however, the EGT may vary from 1250F to 1800F and is dependent on many factors.

You must have a good A/F gauge though to compare to or your just shooting in the dark. Some of the most popular brands are below:

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